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El Dorado Cocktail Lounge, San Diego City Beat, and FYC Labs are partnering up to put together an event on August 2nd, 2014 to celebrate San Diego’s craft cocktail and craft beer communities. The event will be in the back parking lot at El Dorado Cocktail Lounge at the corner of 11th and Broadway in Downtown San Diego. The event will showcase 6 craft cocktail bars from all across California and 12 local craft breweries. In addition, games, food, and vendors will be available for all to enjoy.



To celebrate National Oyster Day on Tuesday, August 5thExecutive Chef Jason McLeod welcomes five of the area’s most notable chefs to join him and take a turn behind the raw bar for an epic SHUCK-A-THON from 5pm-10pm. For those who like it raw, Ironside Fish & Oyster will be serving up Baja’s famed Kumiai Oysters donated by Farm Fresh Shellfish for just a buck apiece from 5pm-10pm. Though more convincing is probably not necessary, let us remind you that it’s all for charity, for shuck’s sake.  The chefs are putting their busy schedules on ice for one evening only in order to raise money for their respective charities of choice.  During each chef’s hour, 100% of the proceeds from oyster sales will go to their chosen organization, detailed below.

There is no cost to attend this event and walk-ins are welcome.


  • 5-6PM Chef George Morris: Beaumont’s Eatery
    • Proceeds go to Just Call Us Volunteers 
  • 6-7PM Chef Matt Gordon: Sea & Smoke and Solace Restaurants
    • Proceeds go to San Diego Botanic Garden
  • 7-8PM Chef Hanis Cavin: Carnitas’ Snack Shack
    • Proceeds go to YMCA Oz Shelter Services 
  • 8-9PM Chef Chad White, Comun Kitchen & Tavern
    • Proceeds go to The Kawasaki Disease Foundation
  • 9-10PM Chef Amy DiBiase, Tidal
    • Proceeds go to Center for Community Solutions San Die

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You may have heard about our newest family member, Rare Form.  If you haven’t, walk down to the end of G Street and then… keep on going.   We accessible from the throughway located around the perimeter of Petco Park.   We look forward to feeding you a sandwich and some Schnapps.

Kimpton Portfolio Shoot

We are speechless.  Thank you to all the regulars who made this possible.

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Nine principles to keep you calm in chaos.


Today we open Ironside, it’s been a tumultuous journey. When we started 8 years ago with a vision, a lot of passion and sheer will fueled by ignorance, we never imagined that we would get here. To see our community, suppliers and crew embrace our “different” vision and support our plight, and allow our establishments to be a part of their story is a gift that we will never take for granted.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do what we do. We hope Ironside will not disappoint.


Ironside rises. Like a sea creature from the deep, vast endlessness that is “project delays.” Instead of eating the sacrificial virgin, Ironside would like to pull out stool for her. She’s had a long day, and those chains look uncomfortable. We’d like to serve her a little sherry. Or, here, some of these delicious Kumamoto oysters. A lobster roll, perhaps.

Ironside Fish & Oyster is open. We poured our hearts and guts into it. When those ran out, we borrowed friends’ hearts and guts.

We’d like to think this is a pretty special day for San Diego. We’d like to predict that San Diego seafood culture will now reach a state of unadulterated, bullshit-free bliss. Endorphin City! Oystervana! We’d like to say that this (Ironside points two thumbs to itself) will change the game, rewrite the script, “take it to a whole new level,” whatever that means.

But that’s a bunch of bullshit. We just want you to come on by for a bite and a drink. We’re here to serve you. Here are a few reasons to visit:

1. We didn’t hire any jerks on purpose.

2. Paul Basile built so much stuff by hand. It’s no IKEA, but we think it looks pretty cool.

3. We built one heck of an oyster bar because we felt, deep inside its heart, Little Italy wanted one. Few humans have nerded out as much as we have about oysters. Currently offering TKTK kinds.

4. Chefs Jason McLeod and JoJo Reyes are pretty phenomenal.

5. So is bar manager Leigh Lecap. There are 50 cocktails because we have phenomenally creative bartenders who a concerning lack of restraint.

6. We built it for you. Not for us to sit around and look at it all day. So please come by and tell us what you think.

Ironside is a jerk-free seafood and cocktail establishment from the producers of Consortium Holdings. 

Ironside Fish & Oyster officials sets sail today.  And if you wish to embark, you may make a reservation here.