An Introduction

We are CH Projects.

We are a group of like-minded individuals united by the shared pursuit of improving the social landscape of San Diego. We set out to create not just restaurants and bars, but public gathering spaces that help cultivate our neighborhoods through the fostering of creativity and dialogue. More than houses for innovative menus and handcrafted drinks, our projects are meant to be incubators for meaningful interaction.

You’ll find this ethos and more in the “Who We Are” section of this site, where we’ve put forth a concerted effort to share who we are, why we are, and what we believe in as a company.

But why start a blog?

While the online landscape is cluttered with promotional contrivance and ego-inflating pontification, we know there exists a vast opportunity to curate and generate thoughtful dialogue. Never before has it been so easy to collaborate, discuss, debate, and share within our industry. Our hope is that this blog becomes a cultural reference collection for us as a group, and a vibrant salon for visitors to convene and converse. As we aspire to do with our properties, we’re hoping to rise above the noise and create a dynamic, locally relevant forum for the exchange of ideas, opinions and information.

It takes a certain type of personality to do what we do with such a high standard of execution, and we feel we’ve found some of the best talent out there. However, there is only so much room for expression in this industry. At the end of the day, we have guests to take care of, and their well-being is our first priority. We hope that this blog will serve as a creative outlet for our inspired compatriots.

The pressures of a 24-hour news cycle, a commitment to advertisers, and the rising popularity of social mediums as news outlets have diluted and monetized media, a once great institution. By avoiding the typical pressures and influences of modern news sites, we hope that we can promote an honest, fair, and interesting dialogue with our readers.

Like any project we undertake, this blog is not aiming to please everyone at every time. Just like in our bars and restaurants, we want to hear from you—we respect your unbiased feedback, your passionate voice, your thoughtfully formed opinion. We aren’t into monologues, bandwagons or ambivalence. No one—not us, you, San Diego, or the hospitality industry at large—gains anything from complacency, single-mindedness, or agreement for agreement’s sake.

We want to create another avenue to converse with our communities, to share ideas and products of quality, and to transparently chronicle our steps—our trials, tribulations, misfires, successes, and passions—as we strive to improve San Diego’s social landscape. Constructive discourse and collaborative conversation are what built this industry, and it’s what makes it great today. We hope you’ll join us in keeping the spirit of that conversation alive and thriving.

We’re glad you’re here.