No Big Deal Returns to El Dorado

It’s back. The crew from Noble Experiment is making use of their night off next Monday and taking over the bar at El Dorado. The catch? The barkeeps will be eschewing their usual menu of tradition-inspired libations in exchange for what they’re calling, “classic cocktails”. Don’t be shocked when the guy next to you orders a Duck Fart, or a Liquid Cocaine; the one rule behind the bar at No Big Deal is, “No fresh juiceNo fancy bullshitJust the hitsF*ck the rest.”.

Obviously this is a night meant to just let loose and have some care-free fun, so to compliment the sugary concoctions, DJs Saul Q and DJ Cliché will be supplying the worst in modern “crap rap” and 80’s “butt rock”. And of course there will be a giant “Wheel of Misfortune” to spin. So, why not? It’s No Big Deal. We’ll see you there.