Becoming One of the Classics…

People come from all sorts of backgrounds—higher education, Forturne 500 businesses, the arts–and some others are just lifers. No matter your point of origin–jumping into the hospitality world reminds me of one of the most famous and popular classic cocktails around.

One of my favorites without a doubt.

See, first you’re dropped in your respective “industry spot” like the sugar cube in a rocks glass, ” sweet kid! You in there!”

Rather quickly—you succumb to heavy dashes of the bitters of your new surroundings–bathing you, staining you.. The fuckin new guy..

Things get watered down a bit.

You crumble a little.

Ah shit.

Here goes this muddling motherfucka..

Crushing you, grinding you into the glass bottom–until you begin to take the bitter with the sweet.

But look!

Up at the ridge of the glass!

At least 2 ounces of that sweet glory starts pouring in.

Looks like everything is beginning to meld together?

Not so fast buddy–rock after rock of that cold pressure is heaped upon you. Round and around you go–this won’t stop til you’re diluted and cold.

As time passes you lose some of your edge..

You begin to come across a bit softer..

Asking yourself, “why would I just conform?”

You shrug as the world tilts back for that first sip.

And once you’ve been up-righted in the glass you look around and decide that if you can’t beat em you’ve already joined them.

With every melting second you’re becoming a little less of the sweet little sugar cube you started out as.

And on the next sip you’re better than the last.

You see your reflection in the side of the glass and with a sly grin you say, ” I guess you can just call me ‘Old Fashioned'”.