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Morning Glory

550 West Date St.
San Diego CA 92101

The thoughtful food world at large has never treated breakfast with much respect—conventional wisdom holds there’s no path to glory that begins in the pancake station. So with Morning Glory, we challenged ourselves to take on the naysayers and the forces of breakfast banality.

We spent more than two years and an ungodly amount of resources creating a place that honors the spirit of the morning—those fleeting hours before the grind starts to wear you down. Morning Glory is about staying in that optimistic state of mind where everything feels possible and a drink is a great idea and sharing food and conversation and maybe a cart of Bloody Mary’s with people you care about is the most important and meaningful thing you can do with your time.

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Then there are the People Who Brunch. The ‘B’ word is dreaded by all dedicated cooks. We hate the smell and spatter of omelettes. We despise hollandaise, home fries, those pathetic fruit garnishes, and all the other cliché accompaniments designed to induce a credulous public into paying $12.95 for two eggs. Nothing demoralizes an aspiring Escoffier faster than requiring him to cook egg-white omelettes or eggs over easy with bacon. You can dress brunch up with all the focaccia, smoked salmon, and caviar in the world, but it’s still breakfast.
– Anthony Bourdain

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