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We’re a group of like-minded individuals brought together by a shared pursuit:
progressing the social landscape of San Diego for the better.

We set out to create not restaurants and bars, but public gathering spaces that help cultivate our neighborhoods through the fostering of creativity, dialogue, questions, and conversations. More than houses for innovative menus and handcrafted drinks, our projects are meant to be incubators for meaningful interaction.

Though each of our concepts has a unique identity, at the core of every property is a focus on quality-driven products and a social environment built to encourage the sharing of ideas. CH Projects comprises multiple distinct concepts — Craft & Commerce, Ironside Fish & Oyster, Noble Experiment, Neighborhood, Underbelly, Polite Provisions, Fortunate Son, False Idol, Part Time Lover, Born And Raised, Raised By Wolves, Morning Glory, The Invigatorium, J & Tony’s Discount Cured Meats and Negroni Warehouse, Youngblood, Seneca Trattoria, and The Reading Club. Every CH project is driven by a similar philosophy that substantive conversation and connection are at the heart of any decent society.

We’re not interested in trends, importing or recreating another city’s ethos, or becoming “the next big” anything; our vision is neither rented nor revolutionary. Our goal is deceptively simple: to contribute to the dynamic and culture of the city, elevate communication, and cultivate memorable experiences.

Down to the smallest detail, we believe in every single thing we sell. The things we do not offer (vodka, televisions, ketchup) don’t signify a void or arrogance but rather a conscious decision to create a superior experience in their absence—a more flavorful cocktail, a more thoughtful dialogue, an informed connection between patron and place. We only share what we’re passionate about.

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Anyone can serve food for a price, relying on exhausted contemporary designations like “farm-to-table” and “mixologist.” Our business is not restaurants or even the bottom line; it’s hospitality, a convivial and open reception of patrons that become friends. Feeling connected to an enterprise and its success begins with feeling welcome and comfortable. We aim to instill a strong sense of organic pride and ownership in our employees, as well as our patrons. CH Projects is not about being all things to all people; from our staff to our diners to our local partners, everyone is making a conscious decision to be here.

We’re glad you’re here.

guy wilson

ruben ornelas

keivon dashti

rachel davis

yara lamers

james rodgers

danielle van steen

shannon partrick

rafael espinosa

evan schwimmer

baylea morgan

taylor leage

macey crowe

sarah block

clint martin

ted smith

steve slack

mackenzie morineau

miguel higuera

william jacobsen

jon francese

joe burson-ryan

chris arzola

froiya cabrera-lopez

fernando loredo sanchez

eric porter

alison mcgrath

alicia perry

anthony schmidt

caitlin santone

lamar kumangai

chiara barbagallo

hillary hestead

adriana avila

fernando guzman


joel cammett

jack reynolds

ewan bennie

josh mayhew

valeria murrieta

dane danner

charleen sandoval

brian eastman

kelly bisbee

arsalun tafazoli

anthony bautista

real people, do real things.

We're always looking for good people that can teach us something. Working together is always better than working apart. If you think you have something to contribute, reach out.

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