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777 G. St.

SDCA 92101

Youngblood, a new addition to Neighborhood’s transportative encounters. Young Blood is a culmination of years of learning and trial and error, with the guiding ethos that it is a reflection of what the CH team, including Anthony Schmidt, Sam Ross and Tafazoli, have learned since opening their first projects. Young Blood is an immersive cocktail experience featuring a modular bar console that is in constant flux with its offerings. The intimate 16-seat bar is flanked by ceiling height bar shelves, custom lighting and Parisian carpet. We put an irrational level of detail into this project. To think of where we started and where we are, on a personal level it’s rewarding that we’ve been so supported by the San Diego community and beyond. we’re hoping there were enough weirdos like us who will appreciate it.

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Trouble with cocktails is better than trouble without cocktails.

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