Dear Yelper – In-House Hot Dogs?

We have, in the past, attempted to openly reply to Yelp! reviews on their site from a company managed account. While we felt we should have the opportunity to openly reply to the remarks being made about our establishments, Yelp! disagreed and removed our responses. So we’ve taken the conversation to our own venue. We feel this is the most fair way to truly dialogue about the experiences we attempt to provide.

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Dear Greg,

Check please? Ok, ok, this is really good. So to clarify, what you’re saying is that because we don’t make our hot dogs and charcuterie in-house (the latter of which we don’t even have on our menu at all), and because the server told you that when you asker, you wanted to leave? Man, you must have a tough time finding spots to eat around here. Our friends at Quality Social and The Linkery must be the only folks that are graced with the pleasure of your patronage. Maybe that’s why you haven’t posted a Yelp! review in two years, you’ve just been searching for some house-made meat in all the wrong places. I know how it is, I’ve seen it a hundred times. Guy goes into a restaurant, gets a hot dog that wasn’t made in-house, panics, and just gives up meat for the rest of his life. And you know what that means? Now the world has another vegetarian, as if it didn’t have enough problems already.

I’ll tell you how it is, and it ain’t pretty. We simply don’t have the facility to make our meats in-house, so we outsource to some great local, independent businesses, places like Hamilton’s Meats and Venissimo Cheese. Yikes! Supporting small businesses and realizing our own limitations? What were we thinking?!? And sadly, our employees are honest and have integrity, which is unfortunately the reason your server replied that, no, we don’t make our hot dogs in-house.

Useful feedback and information can help others, however useless feedback and useless information…done.

Best Regards,

Craft A. Commerce