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The other night, Arsalun snapped this picture of a Blue Moon truck advertisement citing the beer as “San Diego’s Finest”. Stone Brewing’s Greg Koch, and now even the San Diego Union Tribune have weighed in since, agreeing that something like this is downright “offensive”.


The amazing and ever talented Eric Tan came to town for Comic Con last week, and we just came across this awesome San Diego inspired print he released as a Con exclusive.

8 – 22GB Drives and 4 Personal Computers were all that made up this early Google “Corkboard” server. This one one of thirty racks used in the dawning days of Google. It is now on display at the National Museum of American History.

Frank seems to have perfected the recipe.

(click to view the rest at stanleycolors.com)

We always get asked about our flyers at El Dorado. Did you know that one of the lead designers of the majority of our flyers, Pablo Stanley, is a comic artist? He’s gained a lot of attention lately from his musically inspired pieces, ranging from The Beatles to Freddie Mercury, and today he debuted a piece inspired by The Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize?” . In addition to breathing visual life into classic tunes, Pablo is also an accomplished musician and photographer. We’re extremely proud to call him our friend.


The Warehouse Project put this video out the other day to promote their line-up announcement today. Good looking stuff.


The 2nd edition of Scrabble Typography came out pretty nice.

E. Henmiway Special (sic), the Original “Hemingway Daiquiri” from Havana’s Floridita c. 1937. Reader beware: limón verde doesn’t quite translate to lemon…

Very well put together video, chronicling the first dozen years of a very well put together record label – DFA.

The Hipster Logo Design Guide is law.



Mike Houston (the artist behind the “Stop Emailing Me” Walrus print) just released some new ramen package inspired pieces. Some pretty awesome stuff.

Teddy has an operation.

Mr. Porter’s “The Way I Cook” series is making us hungry.

Winter is coming. And with it, a new batch of Game of Thrones inspired beer from Brewery Ommegang – this season its the Take The Black Stout. Color us excited.

A great honest piece about a great honest place.